Sunday, September 12, 2010

Facebook Status Ideas

Looking to make your facebook cool? Here is how to.

1. Add cool funny status messages
2. Upload your favorite music videos
3. Add some uniqueness to you wall
4. Add interesting articles for your readers
5. Add cool emoticons to your status updates
6. Take lots of cool photos of you and your friends
7. Add your photos to bilboards (PHOTOSHOP)
8. Join cool groups
9. Like everything that is cool
10. Add pics of your pets
11. Add cool videos
12. Post inspirational quotes on love, frindship etc
13. Add fashion articles, weired news, Celebrity news, recipes
14. Add do-it-yourself videos
15. Add links about food, wine etc.
16. Be bold, shock your audience (in a non offensive way)
17. Try out facebook apps
18. Post a link to what you are watching
19. Do a poll as your status (ask your friends questions)
20. Updates are a must
21. Make photo albums of cool stuff (Michael Jackson album, fashion pics, hairstyles, cool gagets, antique cars, summer etc.)
22. Add your favorite artists
23. Add lots of friends and be safe
24. Add funny videos (must have a sense of humor)
25. Most of all have fun and be yourself (let your personality be your autograph)
26. Add a link to my blog :)

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