Friday, June 29, 2007

How to Stop Annoying Your Friends With FarmVille

Are you tired of the FarmVille notifications that bother all your friends. It is like you are always playing FarmVille during the whole day (even if you don't) and it can be the most annoying thing for people who doesn't play FarmVille, so they will block your notifications or even delete you as a friend.

So there's no reason to freak out, there's an easy way to FarmVille notifications from your account. It will require some time but once you got it, it is done:

1. Don't accept the offer from FarmVille to allow automatic acceptance of notifications: this is like saying to FarmVille, go and bother all my friends who don't play FarmVille.

2. Create a Facebook list: you can create a Facebook list just with your friends that play FarmVille.

3. Send notifications just to your FarmVille friends: once you get a Facebook list with all your neighbors from FarmVille, when FarmVille asks you if you want to share something say yes, later click on the lock next to the "Publish" button to choose which friends you want to send the notification.

4. Choose your Facebook's list (created before): After clicking the lock, choose "Specific People" and then start writing the name of the Facebook list you created. Once it appears, accept those settings and click "Publish"

With this trick you will stop annoying friends that you know don't have FarmVille, also you will be sure you are contacting only specific people that you know they will visit your farm later or return the gifts.

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