Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I am so sick of the constant Criticism of Rihanna in Barbados. I am so proud of her and how far she has come. People, she is one of our own and this must stop right now.
Some may say she is lucky but it takes a whole lot more than luck to get to the stage she is at. It takes confidence, willpower and a lot of hard work which you refuse see because you only look with envious eyes. Rihanna has what the music industry is looking for.

These facts always remain the same

She is beautiful
She is famous
she is rich
She is talented
She has a wonderful personality
She is the world's sweetheart
She lives at top of the 100 billboard charts

Are you going to continue causing yourself pain whenever Rihanna receives another accomplishment?

These are the simple facts about Rihanna you cannot change, so it is time you accept it and move on from all the pettiness in this society and find what is your true calling in life. Rihanna has found hers now it time you find yours.

Discover who you are
Find that inner peace
Smile once in a while
Repeat the golden rule
Enjoy the things you like
Make yourself happy
Learn to love yourself
Be comfortable with who you are
Keep words like Love, sorry, forgiveness and compassion in your heart
Keep gossip, hatred and envy out
Make all your dreams come true
Become famous
Then tell me all about it

How would you feel if you were Rihanna coming back to Barbados to such negativity? No one is stopping you from making it in life, just the negative jealous attitudes of yours.

I'm so happy to see Rihanna speaking up on this issue. If you guys are so jealous right now, I can only imagine the outcome when she fulfills her other dream of becoming an actress or winning Oscars, Grammys or dating a famous person. What are you guys going to do,kill yourselves?

Go Rihanna! Keep breaking those dishes girl and continue to make us proud.

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2 comments on "I'M SO PROUD OF RIHANNA. GO RI RI GO!"

theworderer on June 26, 2007 at 8:47 AM said...

Hey Yuppiegurl,I couldn't agree with your defense of Rihanna more.It's really amazing how jealousy can distort your point of view.And it's evidenced that bajans have plenty of it to go around.This time Rihanna is wearing the bull's-eye.Many of us bajans have got some serious issues when it comes to seeing our own make it beyond a certain level.I agree,they're going to kill themselves cause Ri Ri is a one woman army who is yet to see her best...
on a slightly different note,thank you for dropping in on my site.You can feel free to use anything you want from myspace/theworderer or anywhere.I just appreciate your kindness a whole lot.Also I think your site is a cute,fun site.If you hadn't dropped in I wouldn't have known about it.thanks a mil!!

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree with you worderer, this young lady seems focused and kind,I like her site, and I checked out your site guys keep up the good work.


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